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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to deliver the furniture I have bought?

It depends on the shipping address and the type of furniture you have bought. Usually, we deliver within 2-3 days after the purchase or on the day agreed with you. You may as well haul the furniture yourself.

How long do I have a warranty for your furniture?

The furniture from Italy comes with a 18-month warranty. The guarantee does not cover mechanical damage that may happen when you transport the items by yourself.

Are matrasses sold separately in your salons?

There are mattresses by MERX offered in our salons, as well as the ones manufactured by the Italian factory ALTERNOTTI. The bedsteads in our salons come without mattresses. We offer an opportunity for you choose a mattress that would fit your desire and means. Our qualified advisers will be glad to help you find the very item you need.

What mattresses are displayed in your salons?

We can offer you mattresses of a wide range of firmness, with independently pocketed springs made of steel of different thickness. They create zones of different resilience with a layer of “Memory rest” - innovative foam which perfectly adjusts to contours and body temperature, and which is self-modeling. We can also offer a series of vacuum-packed mattresses filled with the "Activefoam" which is breathable and do not deform. An absolute comfort is secured by a massaging effect on a spinal column, which improves microcirculatory bloodstream.

What kind of furniture can be found in your salons?

In our salons we expose furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms and home offices, kitchens and dining rooms, furniture for offices, as well as a wide range of cushioned furniture. We constantly monitor new trends and tendencies in the furniture industry and therefore keep an exposition in our salons up-to-date. Also, we regularly update our website and add information on new arrivals and new collections.

Do you offer installment payments or loans?

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have credit programs with banks, however we could suggest the following: we issue an invoice for an item and you apply with it to the bank for financing. It is also worth mentioning that very often there are sales in our salons and you could use this opportunity to make a purchase at a reduced price.

Can I pay for goods by bank transfer?

Yes, we can issue an invoice with our bank details for you to pay it within 3 days.

Do you have cast chairs?

We can offer you chairs made of polycarbonate, an environmentally friendly material supplemented with minerals, which is resistant to mechanical and thermal damage. This type of furniture can be safely placed inside your house, as well as on the outdoor terrace.

Can I order an additional item that would fit the suite bought before?

Yes, however please be aware that the new item may differ in tone, or perhaps even in texture from your previously bought set. This applies to case furniture (sofas, beds, cabinets, etc.) as well furniture for kitchen. The reason for this is minor differences in texture and color of material (leather, wood) used for furniture manufacturing.

Do you have odd-size beds (200х200 or 200х210)?

We have several suppliers in Italy that offer such beds. It is not possible to make all the beds of 2 m wide because of technical peculiarities of the manufacture and design characteristics. However it is quite feasible to extend some models and in order to do this, a request should be sent to the factory.

Can I buy or order kitchen furniture with integrated appliances?

Our company cooperates with leading manufacturers of integrated kitchen appliances. All the dimensions and operational characteristics of appliances have already been taken into account when choosing the set of kitchen furniture with integrated appliances.

How long does it take you to deliver the furniture from Italy?

It all depends on the factory-manufacturer. Standard case furniture is delivered within 2 months. If furniture is non-standard, it may take about 3 months. Upholstered furniture is usually delivered within 3 months. It should also be taken into account that there are holiday periods in August and January when all the factories are closed.

How often do you add new products?

We do it regularly. We make sure to offer you new products approximately every month or two. This is provided by our constantly following the furniture market for novelties in order to meet the utmost expectations of our customers.

What can you offer as a supplement to the already existing or finished interior?

In our stores there is a wide range of accessories that are not only functional but as a beautiful decoration to any building could be of interest to the most demanding and discriminating connoisseur of high quality furniture. We offer console tables, mirrors, coat racks, flower stands, vases, clocks and many more other items. These little details will be a real embellishment of your home, completing the integrity of its interior design and contributing to its luxurious look.

Do you sell any light fixtures?

We offer chandeliers, floor lamps, wall bracket lamps by the Italian factory Jago. In the manufacture of their products the factory uses world-famous Murano glass which is made of the sand taken from the bottom of the Venetian lagoon. High quality glass for lamps is produced from this sand and natural dyes are used to make this glass of various colors.

Where can I see the catalog of Country Corner products?

You can find furniture and accessories of the Country Corner company on the Country Corner official website, get access to the electronic version of the catalog, see the company's products and prices.

What materials are used to manufacture Country Corner furniture?

Country Corner furniture is made of spruce solid wood. MDF is also used in production. MDF is a medium density fiberboard of E1 class European certificate that is environmentally friendly material used in manufacturing furniture for children. All the items are hand-painted with several layers of dye and finished with cellulose varnish.

What temperature is the most comfortable for Country Corner furniture?

It is requested that relative humidity in the rooms, where furniture is placed, should be within 66-85%, and temperature range should be no less than +10° C and no more than +40° C. Violation of the usage conditions usually result in significant deterioration of the consumer quality of furniture. This may affect the integrity of furniture items and their components (drying out of the timber, shrinkage, delamination or cracking of the wood). These recommendations do not refer to the furniture specially designed for rooms with high humidity.

How quickly will I receive my order?

All furniture is kept in warehouses of the company. You can receive your items after paying for the order and at the time suitable for you within the terms established by a salon. In case the selected product is out of stock at the moment, please speak to your manager about the terms of fulfillment of your order.

Does the cost of the order include assembly?

The cost of the order does not include assembly, because it can be accomplished not only by our expert, a customer can self-assemble the items as well.

Is it possible to assemble furniture myself?

It can be accomplished not only by our expert. A customer can self-assemble the items as well. However, in this case it is quite possible to damage items when assembling (unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the integrity of products).

What discount can I get in your salon?

We are always delighted to offer discounts to our customers. You enjoy a 3% discount on orders for any sum not exceeding 10,000 UAH. If you order products for more than 10,000 UAH you are able to take advantage of the discount ranging from 5 to 15% (depending on the order value). You can find out more information at our stores. In addition, we regularly have special offers for our customers. Please follow our news and announcements.

How can I select furniture of the same style among such a large variety of goods?

The Country Corner company has conveniently grouped its furniture products for you to shop by collection. Along with furniture, the collections include furniture small items, as well as accessories such as textile and tableware.

What if I want to order furniture or accessories that are out of stock?

The MERX company offers a wide range of furniture and accessories manufactured by Country Corner that enables even the most demanding customer to pick out furniture items and decoration for one’s house or apartment, as well as for cafes, restaurants and hotels. We are constantly replenishing our stocks, and if furniture is not in stock, you can speak to your manager in a salon who can advise you on the goods arrival.

Can I order furniture for my restaurant /hotel /café from you?

The range of Country Corner products gives you a great opportunity to select furniture specifically for a restaurant, cafe or hotel. In addition, we are ready to cooperate on large projects starting with design works and up to ordering furniture specifically for this project. We will be happy to offer our help to large construction companies, business owners or entrepreneurs in implementation of their projects, design choice and selection not only of furniture but also of accessories in French (Provence) style. For any questions please contact the Department of Company Regional Development.

Is it possible to create a consistent interior design with your furniture?

Certainly. A wide range of our furniture collections enables you to keep the same style when furnishing an apartment or a house. Collections, such as “Riviera”, hold all categories of furniture.

What does a sleeping part of a bed mean?

It means the size of a mattress. A bedframe has its overall dimensions which always exceed the size of a sleeping part itself because they include footings that jut out, headboards, decorative items, etc.

How is a grid attached to the bed and is this framework solid?

The bedframe is solid because its underframe is connected by 2 metal transverse elements which have 2 additional metal legs at each of them (4 in total).The grid covers these elements and in this way the weight is concentrated on 4 metal legs.

Do you produce mattresses?

Yes. The MERX company uses only high quality raw materials by leading global manufacturers to produce mattresses. The company makes mattresses with Pocket springs, Bonnell springs and the ones without springs.

Why is flax used in mattresses?

Applied in mattresses, flax regulates microclimate during sleep, it prevents from “a greenhouse effect” and overheating. Flax is breathable, evaporates moisture and is an environmentally friendly material.

Is it possible to order additional separate furniture items (closet shelves, wall unit, etc.)?

Certainly. For pricing, terms of manufacturing and delivery, we suggest you contact a manager at the official salon where you have made a primary purchase. The manger will place an additional order in accordance with all your wishes quickly and professionally.

What products do you always have in stock?

Main collections are held in stock constantly as a warehouse program. Exceptions are items made to order individually, such as modular wall units, home office bookcases and cabinets, sofas, beds, etc. You can find out precise information on the availability and terms of manufacturing at our MERX stores in Kyiv or regional representatives.

How much are your furniture products?

Please call our MERX stores in Kyiv or representatives in the region to find out this information. Prices for the products are identical at all the stores and do not depend on the region. To find your nearest store and phone number, visit our website, the section “Salons”.

What should one primarily focus on when choosing kitchen furniture?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the material the kitchen is made of. There is no doubt that certified and eco-friendly materials will be the best choice. There is no doubt that it is better to opt for reliable manufacturers that value their reputation and use only eco-friendly materials. The second thing is price. It is not worth buying too cheap items because the kitchen of high quality should be produced according to all rules and in conformity with the state standards and therefore cannot be inexpensive. And last but not final, it is functionality. You need to try all the doors, drawers and kitchen elements to see if they are easy to use, you should check whether workspace is planned properly and the kitchen is efficient in use. If all these 3 items are observed, it is 90% of success! Have a successful search!

Can I take measurements of the future kitchen myself?

It is quite possible, but it is better to have a qualified professional do it, in order to take into account all the details and make a correct estimate. In general, measurements should best be taken before repairing. In this way, it is possible to take into consideration all the issues: sockets, location of the ventilation system, electric network, and many more other items.

How should one determine an optimal worktop height of the kitchen in terms of ergonomics?

The worktop height should be precisely adjusted to your height in order to deliver the body from unnecessary load and stress. Thus, the work surface should be about 15 cm below the bent elbows.

Is it possible to make 2 cabinetry fronts with the same structure of the wood?

No, it is impossible. The wood structure of each tree has an individual pattern and it is as unique as a palm print; so it is only magic that can create a perfect copy of the front.

How to look after a wooden front?
In fact, you should follow 2 simple rules to clean carpentry without harm:

  • Use only neutral or special detergents designed for cleaning wood (there is a wide range of such products available). Under no circumstance should you apply dissolvent (acetone and benzene) and agents with abrasive materials and aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, oils).
  • Clean the surface with a soft sponge and cloth that cannot scratch it. Do not forget that leaving dirt for a long time increases the risk of damaging the wood (spots and stains may appear).

Following these rules will enable you to enjoy beautiful and comfortable furniture for many years!

Why does wood crack?

It is important to understand that this process is absolutely natural, because a tree is a living organism and has a natural ability to change its volume and size. But why does it happen? Changes and variation of ambient temperature creates a strong tension within the wood, breaking its fibers and resulting in cracking. This process can be minimized if you buy wooden furniture from the manufacturers that dry raw materials properly before using them (depending on the type, it can take from six months to decades to dry the wood).

Are cabinetry fronts made of plastic not safe?

Аccording to its useful properties, plastic can never replace natural materials (such as wood and stone). However, nowadays kitchen manufacturers offer a new variety of plastic (polyethylene, polyamide and polypropylene) that is resistant to temperature variation. This plastic is more environmentally friendly and recyclable. If you opt for plastic, it is best to buy kitchen furniture covered with high-pressure laminate which means that the kitchen should be made of high-impact heat-resistant materials.

Do you use particle board?

We produce cases of premium particle board of E1 class, which is not harmful to health, has low rates of formaldehyde emissions and is recommended for use when manufacturing furniture for children.

Does MERX produce countertops? What kind of?

All kitchens have countertops of MERX own production. The materials, used in the manufacturing of MERX countertops, meet hygienic requirements and international quality standards. MERX worktops are the display of a beautiful pattern, perfect style, multitasking and convenience. MERX produces countertops of different materials such as quartz, acrylic and post forming. The catalog of our countertops offers a variety of products of different texture, color, decor and size. Please follow the link to visit our Countertops Catalog.

What are the advantages of acrylic countertops?

The main binding material of acrylic countertops is acrylic; an advantage of this material is the absence of seams in connection (it is achieved due to the high content of binding resins). The countertops of this type can take any shape and curve, because once again, owing to high content of binding resins they are pliable. There are no microscopic pores in the acrylic stone, which is typical for natural materials, and therefore acrylic is hygienic, detergents resistant, fungus cannot penetrate in it; and it does not absorb odors. And of course, acrylic countertops offer a wide range of colors and expensive look.

Can I scratch the countertop of quartz?

No, it is impossible! The quartz countertops are made of quartz agglomerate which is a fusion of natural mineral quartz with high-quality resin and pigment. This countertop contains 95% of pure quartz, which is the most solid rock in the world (except diamond being number one), and therefore such a countertop is much more strong than the one made of granite. If you try to "scratch" it with a knife, you will just affect the knife without any visible marks on the countertop itself.

Is it true that marble countertops are impractical?

Comparing to other materials, marble is a porous stone, so it quickly absorbs liquids spilled on it. Wine, coffee, tea and other colored liquids can leave difficult stains. In addition, marble is a rather soft material so it can be easily scratched and broken. Marble is a cold stone therefore a hot pan accidentally placed on it may affect its look. However, it is moisture and heat resistant, cannot cause an allergy; and if you look after it properly, it will last forever. A countertop of marble has a unique natural pattern and even the most experience artist cannot copy it.

Are handless kitchen cabinets easy to use?

Cabinetry fronts without handles are equipped with SERVO-DRIVE electric motion support system. Thanks to this system, with a light touch on the furniture front it will open softly and effortlessly.

What lift systems and shock absorbers are used in MERX kitchens?

We use AVENTOS lift system and BLUMOTION built-in soft-close system. Thanks to these details furniture opens and closes softly and without noise no matter how wide the door or heavy the front is.

What should one consider when buying and installing a range hood?

When buying a range hood, it is important to take into account the width of a cooktop. The range hood should cover the entire cooking area and cannot be narrower that the cooktop, otherwise it will not be efficient. Then consider the distance! The hood should be at least 65cm above an electric range and at least 75cm above a gas stove. When mounting the hood, make sure that the wall where you plan to mount your hood is thick enough and fasteners (screws, dowels) are proper for this kind of the wall. For functioning, your range hood should be connected to the ventilation system and electric network. It is highly recommended to buy kitchen appliances (including a range hood) at the same place you order kitchen furniture. In this way, there will be no problem with installation as a qualified professional can do it quickly and efficiently. Besides, if you buy kitchen together with appliances, you can be sure that the furniture is adjusted to this very hood and there will be no need for you to search for a range hood of a particular size.

Is it possible to combine design of different kitchens offered in your catalog?

Yes, this is quite possible. Our experts will be happy to help you create the perfect design of your kitchen.

How can I place an order, if your store is not represented in my city?

Visit section “Salons”, find the nearest location of representative office and place your order. Our company delivers to various regions and cities of Ukraine.

How long does it take to install kitchen furniture?

It is quite difficult to estimate the exact time of installation as there are many factors that influence this process, such as the following: whether a room is ready, wiring supply, complexity of the project, technical characteristics of the room, presence of integrated appliances, etc. On the average, it takes from 1 to 2 days.

Can I order kitchen furniture of my own project?

All kitchen furniture of our company is elaborated individually. We always take our customers’ wishes into account.

When does the warranty for kitchen furniture come into force?

If all conditions for the warranty are observed, it comes into effect upon signing the report on the provided services.

Do you have certificates of quality for your furniture?

All the furniture by the MERX company is certified and have certificates of quality both Ukrainian, and international (ISO). We export our products to other countries, and therefore we regularly obtain international certificates of quality conformance.