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Having lost its original purpose long time ago, bathroom is no longer a simple and unremarkable place. Now, due to modern plumbing and new trends in the world of interior design, the bathroom has become the pride of the hosts and the subject of admiration for the guests. At the same time, the dimensions of such a bathroom are not always paramount, because it can be made unique absolutely on any «square meters». Sometimes it is only necessary to choose and buy bathroom furniture, but there are times when you can not do without a designer. However, about everything in order.

So, you decided to change your home and start with the bathroom? Then familiarize yourself with the presented assortment of models, listen to your desires and... boldly embark on the embodiment of the conceived.

MERX bathrooms 
If you prefer a reserved, conservative style – pay attention to Carolina and Primavera bathroom furniture. Made of natural wood, classical shape and color, they perfectly emphasize the status of the owners. In addition, even after years, these models will not lose their popularity. After all, the classic is a classic. It is always in fashion.

Do you like luxury and splendor in decoration? Then look at Orchidea, Primavera, Vera bathroom models... Noble in their execution, decorated with arches, pilasters, stained glass, capitals and columns, they will create a truly royal atmosphere. And if you add stylish vintage mirrors, sconces or hanging lamps, then the interior will become really unusual.

Have you reviewed all the options and leaning towards minimalism? Then you will definitely like bathroom like Casablanca. Combining simple shapes, straight lines and the right proportions, it will make the interior laconic, yet visually light and refined.

But the model of bathrooms Bianca will be to the taste of those who prefer modern style. Ergonomic in their performance, without any excesses and pretentiousness, it perfectly fit into the overall concept of the house and will look interesting and stylish.

How can you decorate the bathroom?
Decor was always the main touch in any room. After all, that it is what makes the interior to take on unique appearance. Feel free to use flowers, flowerpots, decorative panels or tile decor, and your bathroom will play with new colors.

Again, do not forget about the lighting. Different in height and appearance floor lamps, lamps, spotlights or LEDs will give the bathroom a complete look and make it complete in its performance.

Where to buy furniture in the bathroom?
Nowadays, choosing the right environment for the house will not be difficult even if you have limited time. After all, there is always internet at hand. Visit MERX website, the choice of furniture here is quite large. Did you find the right bathroom furniture? You can buy it with literally one click. And if you need a professional advice, an experienced manager will always come to your rescue.

Once you decided with the model, do not doubt, now the morning invigorating shower or an evening relaxing bath will give you even more pleasure. And the magic moments of relaxation, spent alone with yourself, will not only be a source of inspiration, but will also help you find peace of mind and pacification!