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«MERX home furniture» direction invites for cooperation!


25 years of innovation and leadership, experience in working on the local and international markets, many years of cooperation with well-known furniture accessory producers, when offering to become our partner we are confident that cooperation will be mutually beneficial. Constantly growing dealer network can be seen as direct proof of this statement. For instance, there is over 60 MERX branded furniture salons on the territory of Ukraine only. Our product is well-known and in high demand in other countries as well, among which are USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Moldova.

Due to full-cycle production and high-tech equipment, our company is producing all types of furniture (bedrooms, living rooms, walls, children's, anterooms, upholstered furniture, wardrobes, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, office furniture and furniture for HORECA), which, in turn, provides our dealers with opportunity to work in all directions of the market.






Low cost of starting a business

(brand-section from 7 500 euro)

Warehouse program

(the main product range is maintained in the warehouse)

Limited amount of dealers in the city

(not more than 1 brand salon on 100 thousand population)

Dealer section on the website

(all required information is available online)

50% discount on exhibition samples 

(for orders of 3 and more sets)

Free training for managers

(excursion to production facility, seminars, trainings)

Free stand with facades samples

(in case of opening the brand salon)

Promotional products

(we provide all necessary catalogues, booklets, brochures, posters)

Development of project for arranging the furniture in the salon

(arriving onsite, providing consultation and subsequent design of premises)


(full library of our products for 3D arrangement for the client)

Common recommended retail prices

(allows to prevent dumping and to maintain one price range across Ukraine)

ISO 9001 Certificate

(high quality of company’s management)







Constant development and regional network expansion allowed us to become №1 furniture company on the market. Please review cooperation options that we offer and join us. We would be really glad if you became a member of our big and friendly family.

Decided to take our offer? Then apply, by filling in the application form.



Evgenii Khmel

Head of regional development department «Home furniture»

mob. (095) 225 24 93

mob. (067) 102 39 31