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MERX furniture

MERX furniture is high quality and reliability, proven over the years. High-tech production certified in accordance with ISO standards implies working with only reliable international manufacturers of accessories, components and appliances.

We work with natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, which is why MERX guarantees:

Facades are made of natural wood, which is dried and prepared for production according to all the regulations and standards (to minimize cracking). All ornaments, carving and decorative elements of the facades are handmade in within the highest standards of furniture production and are characterized by their incredible beauty

Framework is made of premium particleboard (E1 class), which is not harmful to health, has low formaldehyde emission and is recommended for use in manufacturing of children's furniture.

Safe coating materials by Italian and Swiss producers certified for household use.

Functional countertops. Our countertops are made of a heavy-duty material - quartz. Thus, it is scratch resistant, does not absorb odors and liquids, and heat-resistant and resistant to acids and solvents. In addition, our company offers countertops made of other high-quality materials, such as acrylic and postforming.

Fittings and components produced by Austrian (Blum) and German (Vauth-Sagel) manufacturers, thanks to which MERX furniture provides you with following advantages: 

  • Minimum noise. Our drawers and sliding baskets are equipped with built-in closers for silent movement of furniture.
  • Minimum efforts. We use AVENTOS lifting mechanisms and BLUMOTION integrated shock absorbers. These elements make it easy to open, and similarly close. Even the heaviest of facades.
  • One touch. Facades without handles are equipped with SERVO-DRIVE electric opening system. This system opens gently with only a slight touch to the facade. 
  • More space. CLIP top hinges used in cupboards provide easy access to its contents. These hinges allow installing facades of different heights, width and thickness. They are perfectly compatible with fragile materials particularly glass.


Forty-four unique models

Today we offer 44 unique models performed in classic, modern and neoclassic style. Rich color palette includes over 80 hues, among which you can find both restrained pastels and bright saturated colors like “ruby”, “mint”, “magenta” and many others, pleasing even the most demanding buyers. A variety of materials are used in our kitchens, including wood, glass, ceramic and plastic.


All models can be custom made according to the size and specifications of your kitchen. More than 2 000 modular sections allow the design of your kitchen – be it large or small.


We always try to diversify the look of our kitchens, giving them maximum exclusivity. For example, “Vintage”, one of the most popular and beloved models was made truly unique by applying famous Petrykivka painting, awarded “UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage” in 2013 for its facades.

Household appliances

MERX cooperates with international manufacturers of household appliances. Our specialists will assist you in your choice of comfortable and functional equipment that will best fit to the size and dimensions of your kitchen.  The huge variety of designs available, combined with countless options of materials and colours, allow for effective solutions for merging your choice of appliances within your MERX kitchen.

Recognition of customers and experts

Prestigious international and national awards confirmed the quality of our kitchens repeatedly:

  • MERX kitchens were awarded with the “Choice of the Year” seven times (therefore, there is no wonder our offices are located in almost every city in Ukraine).
  • MERX kitchens participated twice in the Euro Cucine, which is a prestigious Italian exhibition. 
  • MERX kitchens were awarded with prestigious certificates, diplomas and awards repeatedly:

KIFF 2014. Siena Kitchen. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Kitchen 2014 category.

KIFF 2016. Virginia Kitchen. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Kitchen furniture suite (Classics) category.

KIFF 2017. Naomi Kitchen. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Kitchen 2017 category.

Yearly production of “Kitchen furniture” division counts more than 2 500 units, each of which finds its owner because MERX kitchens are true and time-tested. Due to its functionality and convenience, they are ready to serve you for years, remaining fresh and new because of skillful design and quality of materials used. 

For all these years, creating kitchens turned to be more than just work. This is an art of giving birth to unique beauty and design of kitchens. This is a beauty supported by quality; created according to all the rules and regulations in order to excite and delight. Because we believe that a proper kitchen should always bring comfort and pleasure.


MERX home furniture is a range of beautiful furnishing pieces that seamlessly blend into the interior of any size and configuration. Wall units, sofas, armchairs, cushioned stools, beds, chests of drawers, bedside tables, wardrobes, tables and chairs… Performed according to the latest furniture trends, these functional and easy to use pieces will adorn any house and fill it with a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Based upon consumer preferences, the company is continuously expanding the range of home furniture and offers separate models as well as complex furniture solutions for living rooms, bedrooms, rooms for children, offices and entrance halls. It is worth mentioning that some pieces of furniture, such as tables for example, can also be made to order.

Keeping up with the times, MERX offers not only classic-style furniture, but also contemporary and Art Nouveau pieces.

Materials and components

When manufacturing its furniture, the company uses constituent parts of the highest quality only: the components and accessories are produced in Italy, Austria and Germany; paintwork materials – in Switzerland. As regards wood and veneer for fronts and frames, MERX uses the materials such as beech, sweet cherry, alder and ash wood.

Also, it is only the best materials that are chosen for different types of upholstery, fabrics and padding for cushioned furniture. Being durable and lasting, these materials are perfectly suited for constant use of sofas and armchairs, keeping their form and color for a long time.

Recognition by customers and experts

High standards of MERX furniture have been confirmed by numerous customer reviews, as well as awards and honors at the leading events in the industry:

KIFF 2017. Poema Bedroom. Honored for Style and Quality.

KIFF 2016. Lounge Children’s Room. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Nursery Suite category. Lounge Upholstered Furniture Suite. Honored for Progress & Innovation.

KIFF 2015. Verdi Wall Unit. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Set for a Living Room category. 

KIFF 2013. Belvedere Suite. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Bedroom Suite category. Neapol Bed. Honored for the Best Value for Money.

КIFF 2012. Vintage Living Room. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Set for a Living Room category. Plaza Bedroom. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Bedroom Suite category.

КIFF 2011. Orhidea Suite. Won the Best Furniture of Ukraine award in the Set for a Living Room category. 


MERX – is the largest manufacturer of office furniture in Ukraine since 1993.  With its own production facilities the company has been a reliable supplier of office, upholstered and industrial furniture for many years round.

During the 25 years of its existence on the market, the company has gained extensive experience in implementation of major projects. MERX works with leading domestic and international companies successfully: government agencies, financial companies, embassies, law firms, car showrooms, and large entertainment centers.


The joint work of skilled designers and constructors allows us to implement individual furniture orders of various levels of difficulty. This kind of teamwork makes performing exclusive orders and therefore satisfying the most demanding customer needs.

Complete production cycle 

MERX furniture is made with highest quality materials and accessories from the leading domestic and European suppliers. Engineering, design, stages of production, sale, supply and maintenance of furniture are all evaluated and certified as corresponding to ISO 900: 2008 requirements. At each stage of production, great attention is paid to product quality control, in accordance with the requirements of State Standard (GOST) #16371-93 "Furniture. General specifications".

The company provides warranty and post-warranty service at the highest level, thanks to its own facilities. MERX service was founded in 1993 and is a leader in its field.