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Furniture from Italy and France

Furniture from Italy and France

The spirit of Italy. Italy... So many beautiful things can be found there! Architecture, fashion, food, wine... Once you experience the captivating and sensual atmosphere of this country, thoroughly immerse yourself in its magic, a tiny piece of your heart remains here till the end of time. In return – something to remember, nice little things that can bring some Italian charm into your home. Carnival masks, Venetian lamps, Murano glass... Picked to match, they would provide a perfect complement to decor and become highlights of the interior. But it is the furniture that images the true spirit of this amazing place. Incredibly beautiful, the Italian furniture with its rich history will add genuine Italian charm and unique vibes inside your home.  

The MERX Company represents more than 100 Italian factories that manufacture furniture and accessories, various in style and design.

The French mood. For several years MERX has been an official representative of the French brand Country Corner in Ukraine. The company is far-famed as a leading manufacturer of furniture, décor, accessories, tableware and textiles in Provence style.

Country Corner is a complex solution. Thanks to a wide range of products you can fill each corner of the house with exclusive French little touches, which impart an unfailing charm of old France to your interior. Furniture and decor, all kinds of accessories, lighting, tableware and textiles – Country Corner has thought each and every detail through, so that you can create the real Provence style. The display in our stores does demonstrate this complex solution.