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According to research, average person spends more than thirteen hours a week in the kitchen! And this is just to make food. A symbiosis of innovative technologies, modern kitchens can breathe a love to cooking into everyone, even the most zealous admirer of restaurants and cafes. And if you add the time spent for friendly conversations and family evenings? Certainly, it will come out even more. So why not give maximum attention to the most important and beloved part of the house?

Kitchen Style
Be creative! The world of kitchen fashion is rich not only in classical models. Although for their amateurs today there are many collections that cling to the deepest strings of the soul. Add some bright accents to the kitchen interior, and you will be surprised how special and comfortable it can be.

So, for example, cuisine in the style of Provence will meet you with the aromas of herbs and freshly baked muffins, air curtains and pastel tones that will emphasize the depth of style of French country. Kitchen in the classical style will call for lunch at noon. Its strict shapes and textures naturalness «out of time» and will always be relevant.

Take a closer look at the models Naomi, S-22, SorrentoStella, Boston, Virginia, Provence, Casablanca, Ellada… Different, like pieces of puzzles, they will conquer you with a unique design, quality and multifunctionality. Be sure, due to the versatility and a wide range of models, you will certainly find the kitchen of your dreams among them.

Kitchen stuff
Beautiful designer kitchen is just the beginning! Do not stop there. Be sure to bring in the ready-made interior of a custom-made cuisine zest. A picture in an aged frame, vintage carpet and a number of other entertaining accessories will not only emphasize the chosen model, but will also fully reveal its character. Romantic France, passionate Spain, fabulous Italy... The atmosphere in the kitchen will become inexpressible!

To create a special atmosphere in the kitchen, pay attention to such nuances as:
- decor for the kitchen;
- kitchen accessories;
- components for the kitchen;
- flowers and kitchen textiles.

High-quality materials from which all kitchens are made and accessories will not only give an exclusive look to your kitchen, but also make the cooking process much more comfortable. For example, due to the magnificent quartz worktops, you no longer have to worry about where to put a hot pan or frying pan. Heavy-duty and heat-resistant, they will with stand absolutely any kitchen test. And numerous drawers equipped with integrated closers will open and close smoothly, easily and absolutely noiselessly. Only the sounds of cooking will be heard.

Have you seen modern tables for the kitchen? Round, square, oval and rectangular. Large, small and tables-transformers. High bar tables, low eastern and traditional dining. Of any color and texture they encourage to experiment boldly with recipes so that you can invite guests and enjoy the result! Good company, wonderful dishes, a unique atmosphere... What could be better? Especially in your own kitchen.

Where to order a kitchen?
You can buy a kitchen in Kiev and Ukraine (ready-made model or kitchen to order) in the salons of the company MERX. Traditional, classic, modern, country, in the style of minimalism – your choice! We will offer the best of any style that you like.

Create masterpieces on masterpieces from MERX.