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Living rooms. Bedrooms. Cushioned furniture. Children's rooms

You have been dreaming about this house for years. You have built every part of it brick by brick and carefully selected furniture for each room. Children's room, living room, study, hallway, cloakroom... Logically, piece by piece. And now the mosaic has turned into a beautiful picture. The house is ready! In your dreams. And what prevents to make it so in real life? Fill with beautiful furniture, add a stylish decor, create your own unique atmosphere and... live for your own pleasure, enjoying every minute spent in your own and in the walls created with so much love.

Take a closer look at the residential furniture from company MERX. Beautiful, made with a soul, it will become exactly the very one with which the interior of your house will acquire such a desired individuality. Everything, as you want!

Where to begin? Of course, with the living room.

The living room... Furniture for it is chosen, probably, first of all. And this is obvious. As the main room in the house, it requires a special approach. If you are thinking about what your living room should be, i we offer several options.

•    For those who prefer light tones
Do you prefer that there is a lot of light in the living room and a noble, calm atmosphere reign around? Then you should definitely choose models Venezia and Orhidea. Performed in a white color range, such furniture visually increases the space, and will give lightness to large objects and at the same time bring a feeling of luxury to the interior.

• To innovators and those who love classics
Models such as Modena and Prestige will make central room look solid and respectable. Your house will find innovative features with collections of Plaza and Lounge. Expressive design, stylish accessories – these living rooms are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

• Romantic natures
But if you prefer the inimitable in its chram style of Provence, then you definitely will not be able to refuse Riviera model. Tender, wrapped in a romantic flair, peculiar to the south of France, it will create such a warm atmosphere in the living room that the time spent for socializing and family feasts will fly unnoticed.

However, it is possible to give a special look to the guest room not only with the help of a ready furniture ensemble, but also by combining individual objects. For example, the elegant, multifunctional walls of Opera and Donatello will create an excellent headset together with tables and chairs of the same model. And such divergent in their shapes and finishes sofas and armchairs like Lounge, Evans, Amore and Lyon will create a comfortable recreation area. Do not forget about furniture trivia. Book stools, decorative stands, coffee tables... Original in their design, they will certainly give the interior a special mood.

Picking up furniture for the living room or any other room, do not be afraid to be creative. Feel free to embody what was conceived in life and then your house will become truly unique!