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Loran Sofa

Loran Sofa
Loran Sofa

Each living room should have something unique – a piece of furniture or decor that adds something special to the atmosphere, light and inimitable charm: an antique vase or intricate figurine, a vintage coffee table or a bright designer chair, and, for example, a sofa! The original shape, beautiful upholstery, often it is what becomes the «soul» of the whole room and the center of gravity of admiring looks of the guests. Loran sofa is the striking confirmation. Luxurious in its performance, it will easily add a touch of secular gloss to the living room and, at the same time, due to the abundance of soft pillows and rounded forms, will make the atmosphere of the room warm and truly cozy.

Technical specifications:

The frame and wooden legss are alder.

At the base of the seat cushions – spring unit, polyurethane foam, sintepon.

The height of the seat is 520 mm, the depth of the seat is 520 mm (730 mm without cushions).

The sofa is equipped with a mechanism for daily sleep Sedaflex 140 (sleeper: 1330x1900 mm).

The transformation mechanism for daily use of the SEDAFLEX

Overall dimensions: 
Loran 3рS140 Sofa bed: 2090 (l) х 1160 (d) х 1055 (h). 


Furniture category Sofas and armchairs
Style Classic